Natural wrapping, naturally relaxing

Natural wrapping, naturally relaxing

Crafting is a great way to destress and clear your mind, a most welcome distraction during these uncertain times. A simple way to get started is with present wrapping. This gorgeous little gift showcases a thrifty and mindful alternative to modern gift wrap much of which cannot be recycled. Good old fashioned craft paper is not only kinder to the environment but also to your purse. Fresh cut flowers add a naturally sweet topping and are neatly tied on with twine, a versatile and eco friendly ribbon alternative.  So now your creativity has been sparked, let’s get wrapping.

Measure out how much craft paper you will need by loosely wrapping it around the gift. You can then trim it to size and waste far less. Now wrap your gift making sure you have neat folds at either end and secure with tape. I prefer to cut back on the plastic and use paper washi tape instead of traditional sticky tape.

Next measure your twine by loosely tying it around the wrapped present. Again this will ensure you keep waste to a minimum. Lay the twine on top, twisting the strands around each other under the gift. Bring the strands back to the top and tie them in a knot. 

Write on your gift card, I find it much easier to do this before it’s tied on. Attach the tag and finish with a bow. 

The flowers can be picked from the garden and added just before you are ready to give your gift. Thread your flower heads one by one under the two layers of twine so they sit just under the bow. 

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