Lovely, long lasting and natural

Lovely, long lasting and natural

Cut flowers have many virtues, there are endless ways to feature, style and celebrate with them. Advances in technology mean they last longer than ever before, however once they begin to fade they are usually discarded and replaced with fresh ones. Bearing in mind the on going campaigns for fighting food waste its time to reflect and consider ways to repurpose these lovelies.

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to an evening view at Rake’s Progress magazine pop up in Covent Garden entitled ‘Dead Beautiful’. A cleverly curated collection of artworks celebrating the beauty of floral decay. It studies and documents the move through the natural stages of decay, wilting, fading and drying.

Turning to my own recent floral creations I took a moment to reconsider these left over flower heads which had dried naturally in situ. I have started to value the transition of flowers from fresh to faded and no longer rush to replace them. They really are rather beautiful.

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