Fill out your flowers

Fill out your flowers

We are almost at the end of January and I still can’t help noticing the gaps left around the house which were once awash with Christmas decorations. I’m not suggesting to fill them all but a few carefully chosen flowers here and there definitely makes everything feel a little more spring like. 

January may not be a month we associate with an abundance of flowers so we will need to get a little more creative. Working with a limited post Christmas budget, I recommend buying just a few fresh flower stems and combining  them with whatever you can forage. I’m a big fan of foraging but I always make sure it’s both sustainable and responsible. Snip some berry branches from the hedgerow. They are still looking good at this time of year and are great for bringing depth, colour and texture to a display. I also like to throw in some greenery from the garden. 

Another cost saving tip is to weave some dried flowers into your arrangement. I’ve been collecting them over the last year. Some are from a batch I air dried in the summer and some I picked up at the flower market. They have the added benefit of being reusable, long lasting and more eco friendly. 

Meanwhile why not try growing your own flowers. If you hurry you may be just in time to plant some beautiful bargain Tulip bulbs.

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