Second Hand September

Second Hand September

Launched this month by Oxfam, #secondhandseptember is a pledge that encourages us to say no to new for 30 days. It is hoped it will form the basis for longer term changes in our buying habits. Buying vintage and preloved pieces from a charity shop gives items a second lease of life, helps a worthy cause and is great for the planet. 

Styling your home or your wardrobe with preloved items is much easier on your wallet too. It’s a great feeling when you find something you love in a charity shop or vintage market. You may not be successful on every visit but bringing a unique item home means no one else will have it!

I’ve always loved vintage things ever since I was little so I really couldn’t resist bringing home this enamel jug from my visit to the antiques market this morning. Originally from Belgium I’m hoping the turquoise colour will work with any combination of flowers and the chipped paint adds character! 

Natural materials such as linen, wood and zinc all age beautifully. Vintage accessories add personality to interiors and in a similar way they bring character and individualism to an outfit.

A restriction on buying new can be a wonderful inspiration for creativity and resourcefulness. 

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