A Warm Welcome Winter Wreath

A Warm Welcome Winter Wreath

A winter wreath not only welcomes the spirit of Christmas but it greets your guests and makes the front door look fabulous. Over the last few years wreaths have become one of our treasured festive traditions. Just like brussel sprouts, mince pies and a nut roast, Christmas isn’t Christmas without one. The great news is you really don’t need to spend a ton of money getting just what you want.

So as we keep those purse strings tight it’s time to get all crafty and make our own. This one uses foraged foliages, a moss base (available from your local florist), pine cones, sprigs of pampas grass and cinnamon sticks. Begin by making little posies of foliages, then using a reel of craft wire bind them onto the base. Once your wreath is completely covered, snip the binding wire and loop it through the back of the base to secure. Tuck the pampas grass between the stems of foliages and then wire on your cones and cinnamon sticks.

Keeping everything natural means that after Christmas you can deconstruct your wonderful creation, compost or dry the foliage, and store the base ready for next year. Not only does your wreath look beautiful but it’s kinder to the planet too.

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