Chrysanthemums: naff filler or style statement?

Chrysanthemums: naff filler or style statement?

Having gained a reputation for being a little dull and uninteresting chrysanths have been overused for years. They are often bought in a hurry with little attention paid to the colour or flower shape, but with the guarantee they will last for weeks.

The good news is these faithful old favourites are being rediscovered. There is definitely a joy to be found in reimagining and restyling traditional flowers. I love the saying ‘Everything old is new again’.

Like dahlias, chrysanthemum are a star allotment bloom. But why have dahlias become super stylish so quickly whilst chrysanths still require more good marketing? It could be that dahlias come in a great variety of colours or simply the fact that they only last for a few days as opposed to a few weeks. It has also been said that dahlias grow like weeds, making them the ideal flower for the newbie gardener, whilst the contrary chrysanthemum is much more finicky.

It may take a little longer but with their rich autumn colours and soft delicate shades they are beginning to catch the dahlia up as the new go to fashion flower.

If ‘growing your own’ is not an option then look out for stylish new commercial varieties like ‘Princess Charlotte’. A fab mixture of pale pink and apple green this beautiful bloom is named after the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


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